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Why does Travel Excellence work with Hemisur?

For us, Hemisur has been a blessing ever since we met and started this wonderful business relation and friendship.

Not only were we impressed by their knowledge of Latin America and the excellent quality of their represented companies, but from the very first moment we knew that Travel Excellence and Hemisur would certainly make an excellent team to increase sales to Costa Rica.

The vast experience and its relations with all the tour operators of Spain and Portugal, specialized in our region, has strengthened us tremendously in this market, and year after year we see how sales are increasing. The fact that tour operators have the consultancy at first hand and at the same schedule, makes Hemisur the indispensable ally for this growth.

We are very happy with Hemisur because we can see and positively evaluate its evolution over the years. They are always looking for potential clients, innovating and looking for new strategies and alliances that benefit their represented and tour operators.

Carlos Blanco
Commercial Director

Why does Hemisur work with Travel Excellence?

We were fortunate enough to travel to Costa Rica and witness first-hand the high-quality service provided by Travel Excellence, when without introducing ourselves we asked the tourists during the tours about the guides, the transportation and the general service they were receiving. The comments of the clients of different nationalities did not take long to reach us and could not be more positive. We were so satisfied with the result that it was very difficult not to reveal who we really were.

The work they do at Travel Excellence is meticulously taken care of since the start of the order, and its competence and effectiveness remain intact until the customer has returned to their country. As if that were not enough, to all this, we must add the total commitment to the sustainability and the environment that this company has.

The years have passed since that first trip to this beautiful land of endearing ‘ticos’, and time has only confirmed to us the luck that we had when we integrated Travel Excellence in our group.


What makes them different

Travel Excellence is the most experienced DMC in Costa Rica, backed by 22 years of experience, as well as the obtaining of important certifications and recognitions that guarantee a high level of operation, among which are the ICO 9001:2008 Certificate and the Certificate of Touristic Sustainability, as well as the Rainforest Alliance Certification for Touristic Services. They also have the National C-Neutral Mark, bestowed for their efforts in reducing the impact of their operation on the environment.

They offer 24-hour service, with the best negotiated tariffs and quote estimations for FIT clients are replied to within a maximum of 12 hours. Additionally, they have their own fleet of modern transport units for FIT clients with complimentary Wi-Fi service.

A team of professionals is completely dedicated to creating unique travelling experiences for clients and passengers, from the design of the itineraries to the check-up of their visitors within the country. Travel Excellence stands out for providing service that is high-quality, creative, innovative, competitive and socially responsible.

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