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Why does Travel Mark work with Hemisur?

It was the 90s, and Top Dest was still on the lookout for new markets.
We had representation offices in Germany, England, Italy, France and the USA, but not yet in Spain and Portugal.
Oddly enough, we had not incorporated the Spanish-speaking market until then. A series of combinations, recommendations and coincidences, led us to find HEMISUR and obviously, Lizeth Soto!

At that point, another story began, one full of unparalleled professionalism, of finding incredible clients, and of developing a friendship that resulted in family!

Throughout these 20 years, professionalism and attachment to work have not diminished one iota.

Every time that calls for it, we in Top Dest, we thank God that our paths have crossed!

Marco Palacio

Why does Hemisur work with Travel Mark?

An amusing anecdotal beginning in our commercial relationship has been followed by a marvellous human and personal relation, surrounded by important occurrences that have contributed to strengthen the bonds that join us to Top Dest and make us feel part of a family.

Top Dest gave us the chance to know, through them, the fantastic world of incentive trips which they manage so well and that, since then and through their wide know-how, we learnt so deeply. Their creativity-filled and original programs demonstrate the great knowledge they have of the destination, which allows us to propose anything from standard trips, to custom, business, holiday group and MICE trips.

The Top Dest team could not be better. Committed and efficient people who provide an exquisite and diligent service both from within the office and in the country. Personalized attention for every client has allowed Top Dest to be different and stand out amongst the other Argentinian receptives.

Without a doubt, Top Dest is out wining bet in Argentina.


What makes them different

Top Dest is one of the most recognised wholesale tourism companies in Argentina within the field of incoming tourism. Our trajectory in the market has moulded us into a trustworthy company and our managerial policies have joined an energetic marketing strategy with a constant diversification of products and markets. Top Dest maintains a philosophy of service based on orienting work policies towards the satisfaction and needs of each particular client, and so we design each product according to their requirements. We honour our prices once we have quoted the products and supervised the outsourced services to reduce possible risks. In each destination we hire the best possible providers available in the market to offer the best possible quality in hospitality, gastronomy and excursions and we carefully select every tourist guide from our stable staff. All our 100+ employees strive the constant development of our products and our philosophy is directed to contemplate the wishes of its guests so they can “live their dream so they don’t dream their life”.

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