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Why does Expedition Tours work with Hemisur?

Throughout 2017, Expedition Tours closed some circles and in doing so we found incredible opportunities opened up to us; finding HEMISUR in our path was one of them.

We know HEMISUR’s trajectory from a few years ago, probably since it’s founding, and until now the possibility of working together had not presented itself. Finally in 2017 a series of coincidences occur that culminate in the opportunity to work together with Lizeth!

All these years, we have seen how HEMISUR has consolidated itself in the market for their knowledge and professionalism, as well as their constant search for new relations. We are sure that this new alliance brings growth, abundance and prosperity both professionally and personally for both companies; for between Lizeth’s knowledge of the Spanish and Portuguese markets and out knowledge of Ecuador and all it can offer as a destination, we make a magnificent team.

Mónica Córdova V.
General Manager

Why does Hemisur work with Expedition Tours?

Given the circumstances in which both companies operated, working with Expedition Tours was not a possibility.

But the stars aligned and it only took a dinner for them to realise they wanted to walk a common path in the Iberian Peninsula. Things worked out smoothly, with no need to force them, like all things with a solid base do.

Expedition Tours is a mix of dilated experience and modernity. Classic products with constant creativity. And this together with the best service and a vast knowledge of the country and how to sell it. Guaranteed professionalism!

We can believe in the good vibes and in the chemistry or in the strength of a common project and in work well done. We believe it all is connected. That’s how we feel it, and that is how we want to reach, together, the success we pursue.


What makes them different

Expedition Tours is a private Tourism Company based in Ecuador and founded in April 2002. It specializes in offering quality trip services in Ecuador, focusing in custom programs for groups or independent travellers. Deeply aware of their country and through professional guidance, they offer the best services and programs based on their clients’ interests and preferences. Expedition Tour’s motto is more than just suggesting a trip, it’s about designing the best experiences and unforgettable moments.

Always aiming to provide the best quality of service standards, Expedition Tours travels constantly around its country, which allows them to immediately know new locations, products, interesting attractions, new hotels or restaurants, new socio-cultural or ecotouristic models; anything that they consider could be of interest to their clients. The constant innovation of their services, product and program portfolio are an integral part of their vision.

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