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Why does Crillon Tours work with Hemisur?

Talking about HEMISUR is talking about a close, professional, loyal, intuitive and proper team with whom we learnt to grow and know each other. A little more than quarter of a century that has not passed in vain, and where once again we have been able to verify that the Institutions and the Companies are made by their people. Lizeth, Juan, María José and Yolanda give HEMISUR that great spirit that we all need to share. That’s why we decided to take a chance and work with HEMISUR, because they know of the permanent concern of working with people, with human beings.

And finally, because they know our mutual cultures very well, the Latin American, the Spanish and the Portuguese, making us understand that there are more things bringing us closer than those separating us, and thus striving for the best possible human and commercial relations.

Darius Morgan
General director

Why does Hemisur work with Crillon Tours?

From the beginning we understood that no one else knew or could sell this destination with more passion. In Crillon Tours we not only found seriousness and professionalism. To their impeccable career it is necessary to add their permanent position at the forefront of the development of tourism in Bolivia, having pioneered the implementation of important products that have served to facilitate and explore the various tourist attractions that this destination offers.

Among others, we can mention a modern fleet of hydrofoils to cross Lake Titicaca in the most comfortable and safe way, through hotels and restaurants built in strategic places, to the exclusive campers which allow the fascinating experience of getting lost in the immensity of the Salar de Uyuni.

We could not have wagered for anyone better than Crillon Tours to learn how to discover and value this incredible country.


What makes them different

Crillon Tours is the leading travel agency in Bolivia, a member of the most exclusive travelling network in the world. Crillon Tours is the Pioneer in Incoming Tourism in Bolivia, and their products have been designed to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding travellers. Highly competitive service, able to unite quality and warmth within a frame of respect to their cultural and natural heritage.

Safety, the quality of their services and 60 years of experience are the pillars of Crillon Tours. Together with a professional team, safety policies, quality control, their own infrastructure (hotels, hydrofoils, buses, 4×4 vehicles and campers) and self-managed operations, Crillon Tours remains at the forefront of Bolivian tourism since 1958. Crillon Tours is the only DMC in Bolivia with a million-dollar General Responsibility Insurance policy.

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