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Why does Coltour Perú work with Hemisur?

It’s a great honour and satisfaction for COLTOUR to be able to be a part of the HEMISUR family, who carry in their DNA the same philosophy that we have always looked for in a representation.

From the start of our relationship, we have felt an affinity in the way of working and outlook on Tourism, putting service and professionalism as fundamental pillars.

We believe that Lizeth Soto and her team understand tendencies and shifts in the Spanish and Portuguese markets, which allows us to stay at the vanguard.

We bet on growing hand-in-hand with HEMISUR and keeping the lead in Spain and Portugal.

Diego Velasco
Sales Director for Spain and Portugal

Why does Hemisur work with Coltour Perú?

They say coincidences don’t exist, and the representation of COLTOUR if proof of this. Our rep in Peru crossed paths with HEMISUR at just the right time. A very special time for us.

The commitment, values and ethics are inherent to this company with over 60 years in the market, with an irreproachable trajectory and exceptional service, highly recognized within and outside the country.

To coincide in almost everything, but especially in the vision we have of this profession and how we want to face work collectively makes us the perfect combination. The result couldn’t be better, and we are delighted with COLTOUR and the human quality we have found in this company!

The future is promising, and we are highly motivated to give it all we have.


What makes them different

In Coltour Peru they live and feel their country, daring to dream before they commit to offering a service; delving into their roots to create authentic, natural and transforming experiences for each and every one of their travellers.

Founded in 1957, their success comes from a deeply rooted ethic, an instinctive knowledge of Peru and an unbreakable commitment to the satisfaction of their clients.

With the foundations of the company well rooted in a family history of exploration and new experiences, the ‘travelling spirit bug’ is definitely in their DNA, forming the backbone of everything they do. Their passion for travelling is absolute, their efforts are long-term and their ability to discover the essence of the country is unmatched.

Their team of highly qualified, motivated and extraordinarily knowledgeable specialists feels proud of the privileged position they hold, making the dreams of their travellers come true and enabling them to have unforgettable memories of their journey. A perfect and customised journey, executed with the highest standards of professionalism. Tailored to each traveller and taking into account their interests, the only thing left to do is enjoy the wonders they will see, both well-known and not so much, that make Peru the magnificent place it is.

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