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Why does Colombian Journeys work with Hemisur?

We met HEMISUR through the recommendation and insistence of a rep with whom they have worked for many years. From the start I was very surprised of the efficiency, speed, trajectory and respect they hold in Spain and Portugal. That’s why I thought they were the best option. And I was not mistaken!

Guillermo Villoria
General Manager

Why does Hemisur work with Colombian Journeys?

Letting our intuition lead us was what made us make the final decision to work with Colombian Journeys. And we are very happy we did!

This company’s trajectory is an example of leadership and professionalism. From their main offices in Bogotá, an experienced team of people surprised us from the very first day for their suitability and competence in the job.

After a few years, the relationship between both companies is unmatched. It is extremely encouraging to work with a partner that is always ready to collaborate.

That we have hit the mark with Colombian Journeys is something we don’t have any doubts about, and we know this beautiful relationship has just begun.


What makes them different

Colombian Journeys offers solutions for FITs and traveller groups in trips, together with the Destination Management Services for groups, incentives and cruises throughout all of Colombia. Their job is to build relationships of mutual benefit between their company, their suppliers and their clients, making them the main point of reference for tourism in the country.

They offer the best added value to our clients, which include some of the major Tour Operators in the world, thanks to the specialized knowledge of products, an extensive range of products and the best standards in service to clients, quality and safety with the objective of offering the best experience in Colombia to their travellers.

They proudly demonstrate the commitments thei hold towards the travellers, such as cost-free assistance 24/7, full-time, bilingual (English, Italian, French and Spanish) personnel and support and service on site. Clients are also provided an emergency number that is available 24 hours a day, linked to a mobile phone in the charge of a member of their team, in case the client has urgent questions.

Their partners collaborate with them to offer innovative destinations, together with flexible trip organization and the best of services, since their shared priority is to satisfy each traveller with a unique trip experience.

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